Where to Start?

Friday, January 23, 2009 Posted by Dina N

So I decided to start my first blog this year. I actually wrote a post on January 1, saying that the first of the year is a perfect day to start something new - then deleted it. I read some statistics that approximately 20,000 people start a new blog on any given day. Imagine that, today 20,000 new voices in the blogosphere will start speaking - well, typing! Do I really have something to add?
I started reading some parenting blogs a little over a year ago. My first favorite - the one I still read daily - is Baby Cheapskate, where Angie helps parents save big bucks on baby stuff. I participated in Baby Cheapskate's Coupon Traders for a while, and joined the Freepeats forum as soon as it came to town. You can tell I really admire Angie's work - her Blog Coach is a must-read for any blogger out there.
Then, a few months ago, I started reading more blogs - and it has been a humbling experience. The more I read, the harder it gets to start my own blog! There are some truly amazing blogs out there, and I subscribe or follow a number of them.
So, I figured, when I do not know where to start, I just start - and find my way as I go!


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