Oliver's Labels: Review

Sunday, March 22, 2009 Posted by Dina N

About the Company
Oliver’s Labels is a Canadian-based company that manufactures and sells personalized labels. Their products are made from waterproof, weatherproof, and scuff-resistant materials. Oliver’s Labels offer iron-on clothing labels, bag tags, shoe labels, and self-adhesive (sticky) labels. All labels can be personalized with your child’s name and preferred design. The kid-friendly designs currently available are:

  • Animal faces

  • Butterflies

  • Dinosaurs

  • Fantasy

  • Flowers

  • Nature

  • Outer space

  • School

  • Sports

  • Toy animals

  • Transportation

  • Color palettes without images
They also have several fashion designs that are not available on Stick-eez clothing labels, as well as allergy designs available on original labels and bag tags. Monograms are yet another option.
My Review
I received a set of Oliver’s labels personalized with my daughter’s name with the nature design. There were several original labels, mini labels, Stick-eez clothing labels, and a set of shoe labels. I was impressed by the quality of colors and materials they used. The labels attached securely and showed no wear after several days. The labels stick on nearly anything and help keep your kids’ belongings out of the lost-and-found pile.
My daughter and I both really liked the birds, flowers, and animals that were pictured on the labels. She thought it was really cool to have the labels on her shoes and clothes. The sticky labels performed well in the laundry and the dishwasher.
What sets Oliver’s Labels apart from similar products I have tested is the excellent quality and their unique Found-It Tracking System. You have the option of having a numeric code printed on your labels. When an item is found, the person who found it can go to Oliver’s Labels website – also printed on the labels – and enter the code, thus notifying the company that your item has been found. Then Oliver’s Labels will send you an email, acting as an intermediary between you and the finder. To me, there is definitely an advantage in not having to disclose any personal information on the labels. At the same time, your kids’ stuff has excellent chances of being returned to you.
Finally, as a mom who is concerned about the future of our planet, I think it’s great that all of the machines Oliver’s Labels use in the production of their labels are eco-friendly.

I highly recommend Oliver’s Labels to any parent who wants to make sure that the items our kids lose find their way back home.


  1. tmstevens@yahoo.com said...

    Cute! Cute! Cute! Thanks for sharing this product!

  2. Naddez said...

    Oliver’s Labels has a great variety of labels to choose from. But, I just love the new Lauren Labels! The font, color, and quality are just right.

  3. Danetta said...

    These sound like a great product! I too like the nature design, they are really cute. I think it's awesome that the labels are so durable. Thanks for sharing your review!

  4. gahome2mom said...

    Dina you did a great job on your review. Oliver's Label's sound wonderful. I could use many of them for ALL my stuff. lol Thanks.

  5. fivemonkiesreview said...

    I could definitely use these! I run a project where we send plaques out to kids with cancer, and these would be wonderful to use on the back with the info! Thanks for doing such a great review and introducing a company I will be using again and again!

  6. Lee-Ann said...

    Wow that lost and found program is really neat! That gives them a huge edge against other labels.

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