It's Hip Hop, Baby: Review

Thursday, April 02, 2009 Posted by Dina N

Recently, we received a DVD from the new children collection It's Hip Hop, Baby! The 5 DVDs in the series are recommended for children ages 2-6. The videos educate and entertain kids using fun age-appropriate hip hop music.

We had the opportunity to review the first DVD in the series, All Your Child's Favorites. This DVD features familiar toddler tunes modernized with hip hop beats. The DVD shows children dancing and singing to the tune of Simon Says, Animal Fun, the Alphabet Song, and other songs in hip hop versions. Kids talk about their favorite animals, colors, letters, and numbers. The video helps teach little ones the basics while promoting movement and physical activity. You can read more details about this DVD and the entire series here.

While the video succeeds in being both fun and educational, I believe it is geared more to the lower end of the recommended age range - at our house, my toddler enjoyed it more than my preschooler did. In my book, any DVD that encourages learning and physical activity in an entertaining way is a welcome addition to our collection.

Right now, you can buy All Your Child's Favorites and other It's Hip Hop, Baby! DVDs on Amazon for $7.99 each (list price is $14.99).


  1. Fresh Mommy said...

    That sounds like a fun DVD set for toddlers.... music, entertainment and exercise all in one!!! Perfect!


  2. LittlePeopleWealth said...

    That sounds like fun!

  3. Ryan Ashley Scott said...

    Physical movement is always welcome here, as is music!

    Thanks for coming over for my 100th post and giveaway.

  4. Gena said...

    Sounds like a great DVD!

  5. A Frugal Friend said...

    Check your've just won the "Mother of the Year" Giveaway...... Congratulations.

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