Mix Shake Stir by Danny Meyer: Review

Saturday, June 20, 2009 Posted by Dina N

Yesterday, another one of my awesome (if I can say so myself ;-)) book giveaways came to an end. This time, three lucky winners are getting a copy of Mix Shake Stir by Danny Meyer. While the giveaway was running, I received my own review copy, and wanted to share with you how impressed I am.

This book is very easy to use and teaches you how to prepare cocktails for the home bar. It introduces bar basics and contains 140 simple recipes that would impress even the most sophisticated cocktail lovers. The book is printed on thick, high-quality paper, and contains wonderful illustrations. It would make an awesome gift, and a beautiful addition to any coffee table! Mix Shake Stir is divided into several parts and each includes recipes for elegant and delicious drink concoctions. A chapter each is devoted to favorite classics, new classics, inspired flavors, elegant sips, and casual libations. One thing I did not expect to find was the section on bar fare listing recipes for party snacks that would make a perfect addition to the drinks. The last section includes more helpful tips and recipes for syrups, garnishes, and fruit purees, among others.

In addition to learning how to mix the cocktails - and see what most of them would look like - you can read some interesting tidbits about the drinks next to every recipe. These would make for great party conversation! Maybe something about the history of the drink, how its name came about, or which popular bar has made it a favorite of its customers. Armed with these recipes and entertaining trivia, you would be the perfect party host.

If you entered my giveaway, check your inbox to see if you won! In case you did not - head over to a book retailer and buy one for yourself, then get more copies for your friends.


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