Tree of Life Necklace: Review

Saturday, June 27, 2009 Posted by Dina N

A few weeks ago, I came across an amazing company called Black Mountain Jewelry. One of my favorite blogs, Tech Savvy Mama, was reviewing and hosting a giveaway of a customized Tree of Life charm in honor of Mother's Day - and I won! Thank you, Leticia!

When I looked at Black Mountain Jewelry's website, I was immediately impressed by their beautiful pieces. The Tree of Life jewelry collection is stunning, not only in its beauty but also in its symbolism and deep meaning. The line was designed to honor the caretakers in our lives who provide our solid foundation. The Tree of Life is a powerful symbol in many cultures and religions. To me, the tree is family, continuity, a symbol of where we come from and where we are going.

Carla, the co-founder of Black Mountain Jewelry, contacted me to personalize the Tree of Life charm. I chose to have my birthstone at the base of the tree, and my children's birthstones in the branches. On the back of the charm, they stamped my kids' names.

I received my charm around Mother's Day. It made a wonderful and meaningful gift! The charm is made of De-Ox sterling silver which retards tarnishing, and comes with a beautiful 18" sterling chain. The pictures I have really do not do justice to the simple elegance and beauty of this piece. The charm came in a nice little box, with a pretty bow. I also received a polishing cloth to help keep my charm in top shape for many years.

I have been wearing my Tree of Life every day for about a month now, and have received countless compliments for it. I proudly explain to everyone what this unique piece represents, and all my friends are so impressed by Black Mountain Jewelry! When the back of the charm got slightly tarnished - I live in hot and humid climate - I lightly polished it with the cloth that came with my piece, and it became shiny as new again.

I am proud to add that Black Mountain Jewelry use recycled metals and Fair Trade gemstones in this jewelry line. In addition, 5% of each sale is donated to Jewelers for Children, a charity that invests in special programs to reach children whose lives have been devastated by illness, abuse, or neglect.

If you want a really meaningful piece of jewelry for a parent or a loved one, I highly recommend Black Mountain Jewelry. The quality of their work is superb, the handmade pieces are beautiful, and their customer service is outstanding.


  1. janetfaye said...

    Congrats on your win!

    It is a beautiful necklace.

  2. Tree of Life Necklace said...

    This is an awesome Tree of Life Necklace. It is beautiful.

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