Children's Book Review: Davey Bighead: Dream Big

Saturday, August 08, 2009 Posted by Dina N

Davey Bighead: Dream Big is a new children's book, written and illustrated by Peter J. Hayden. It is a charming tale about Davey, a little boy with an enormous head. His head comes in the way all the time: when he tries to put his shirt on, when he needs to ride the bus, wants to play on the monkey bars, or join a game of hide-and-seek. The other children tease Davey and he feels unhappy. Davey comes up with an idea to use his big head playing soccer, and suddenly his big head makes him a very successul goalie.

My daughter and I enjoyed this story and the colorful illustrations. Both of us loved Davey and felt bad about him at first. When he managed to turn his big head into an advantage by using it on the soccer field, we cheered along with Davey's schoolmates. This book is a great way to teach kids to accept and celebrate differences and cherish their individuality.

The recommended age range, according to Amazon, is 9-12 years but I think younger kids would enjoy this book as well. You can meet Davey online and print out several fun activity sheets. The book is available on

We are looking forward to reading more of Hayden's work - per information I found on Amazon, this book is the first in a series.

Thanks to the author and to Bostick Communications for this review opportunity.


  1. janetfaye said...

    This sounds like a cute book!

  2. Maureen Hume said...

    Sounds like a great book. I always enjoy hearing about a book that, in a subtle way, carries a helpful message to children.

  3. enyl said...

    Sounds like it will help the little one's with self-esteem.


  4. Anonymous said...

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