Dilmah Tea: Review

Sunday, August 16, 2009 Posted by Dina N

About the Company
Merrill J. Fernando, founder of Dilmah, set out in the 1950s to offer tea drinkers the finest tea on earth. Whilst doing so, he desired to make his a genuinely ethical brand. It took nearly four decades for Merrill to fulfill his mission, but in 1988 he launched his family tea - Dilmah - the first producer owned tea brand in the world, handpicked, perfected and packed at source and shipped within days to tea drinkers around the world. For twenty one years, Dilmah has offered consumers the first producer owned, garden fresh, unblended, ethical and single origin tea.

My Review

Thanks to MomFuse and Dilmah, I received a box of Ceylon Supreme Tea and a box of Ceylon Green Tea with cinnamon to try out.

First, I prepared the Ceylon Supreme Tea. I was impressed by the packaging - each tea bag comes individually wrapped in foil. The tea bag paper is manufactured in a chlorine-free bleaching process - another indication of Dilmah's care for the environment. This tea is full-bodied and perfectly rounded, harvested from tea gardens at 5,000 feet altitude. The Ceylon Supreme smelled wonderful, right out of the box - even before I prepared it. I like my black tea with a little milk, and Dilmah tasted just perfect. It is a tea with character and very aromatic.

The Ceylon Green Tea with cinnamon combination sounded a bit unusual. I like green tea for its health benefits - it's rich in catechin polyphenols and thus a powerful anti-oxidant. My taste preferences lie with black tea because the green varieties I've tried in the past have been a bit bland. The real cinnamon in the Dilmah green tea with cinnamon adds a little spice and makes the taste more exciting and sophisticated.

I loved both tea varieties and was impressed by Dilmah's commitment to quality and attention to every detail in presentation and packaging. In addition, the company is involved in humanitarian work via the MJF Charitable Foundation, and the main focus of their activities is mothers and children. A great company with a great product that deserve to be noticed.

You can buy Dilmah teas online. A selection of their products is also available on Amazon.


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