Romance Read Review: So Into You

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 Posted by Dina N

So Into You is the latest romance novel by New York Times bestselling author Sandra Hill. She has written fifteen novels and four novellas but this is the first I've read.

So Into You is the story of two best friends, Angel and Grace, whose close relationship starts to change when Angel confesses her feelings for Grace. She rejects him but then begins to wonder whether they can be more than friends. Things quickly get complicated by Grace's secret past. She is a former nun, poker champion, and treasure hunter - and those are just the things Angel knows about her. Angel is a hunk of a man who can be very convincing when he decides to get Grace to fall in love with him. I enjoyed reading about the emotional ups and downs of the two characters. Their romance is set against the background of post-Katrina New Orleans where Angel and Grace get involved in good deeds to help families impacted by the disaster.

Sandra Hill's style is colorful and humorous, with plenty of passion and sizzle thrown in. So Into You has all the ingredients of an entertaining romance read. My favorite character was Tante Lulu, the 90-something folk healer, top-notch meddler and relentless matchmaker who works tirelessly to bring Angel and Grace together. She also keeps busy helping everyone around her and is the interfering yet lovable aunt who keeps things in place and people in line.

To find out how this interesting story unfolds, buy So Into You - or head over here to enter to win one of five copies! Hurry - my giveaway ends tomorrow night.

Many thanks to Hachette Book Group for providing a review copy.


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