Sugar Time: Review

Saturday, August 01, 2009 Posted by Dina N

Sugar Time is a new novel by Jane Adams who has written 12 fiction and non-fiction books. Thanks to the author and Bostick Communications, I received a copy to read and review.

Sugar Kane, the heroine of Sugar Time, is a 50-something TV producer who has not done a hit show for 20 years. She is set on proving that she still has what it takes, despite having to work in an industry where age and beauty come before ability and experience. She has just about given up on having a personal life, and no longer believes happy endings are an option in love. Age comes with all kinds of baggage for Sugar, including a medical condition that she has to keep a secret - or risk losing everything she has worked for. She finds out that life has a few surprises in store, and soon she needs to choose between her new love and her career.

Sugar is someone we'd all love to have in our lives - self-deprecating, with a sharp sense of humor, smart, ambitious, and supportive of her family and friends. And while she uses her humor as a weapon, her insecurities and sensitivities make her all more endearing under that tough exterior. Listening to Sugar tell her story is like having a conversation with a dear old friend. She may remind you of someone you know - whether or not they work in Hollywood. Like me, you will probably enjoy her personality and love her direct, no-holds-barred approach to life. It is easy to see why Alex Carroll, the striking and successful man she falls in love with, is attracted to Sugar. I was rooting for her and hoping she would succeed - and make a choice that would not break her heart.

Sugar Time is a fresh and compelling story about making choices, trusting your heart and believing that every day is a gift we must cherish. I greatly enjoyed reading it. I also learned that the book has been optioned for a motion picture, and would love to watch the movie once it comes out.


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