Back to School Review: Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom Software

Sunday, September 20, 2009 Posted by Dina N

Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom is an educational software for preschoolers. The recommended age range is 2-5 years. In a fun and engaging way, kids can learn computer skills and practice their shapes, colors, letters and numbers.

This is the first software package I've tried with my preschooler. She quickly learned how to play the adventure games and enjoyed collecting crystals, finishing up words, and counting and matching different shapes. My daughter is at the high end of the recommended age range, and she was most excited about the patterns games and the letters and words sections. The games held her attention for quite a while, and she wanted to play again the next day.

Depending on your child's familiarity with the computer in general and with shapes, numbers and letters in particular, she may find some sections more engaging than others. She does not have to be a Dora the Explorer fan to enjoy the games. There are two levels: easy and hard. Once your child becomes familiar with all parts of the software, you can make the games more challenging for her by switching to the hard level.

Overall, we enjoyed playing Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom. It is a good introduction to learning how to use the computer and provides educational value by letting kids practice letters, numbers, colors, problem-solving and other age-appropriate skills. You can download a free trial of the game for your child to try here. Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom is also available on


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