Book Review: Find Your Strongest Life by Marcus Buckingham

Monday, October 05, 2009 Posted by Dina N

Marcus Buckingham's latest is another in the line of many books attempting to show women how to have it all. Based on research and experience, Find Your Strongest Life demonstrates what the happiest and most successful women do to bring fulfillment, peace, and control into their lives.

Just as countless other people, I am prepared to roll my eyes at the possibility that a woman - or a man, in fact - can really have it all in today's world. There are so many choices, so many paths, that to know for certain, all the time, without a backward glance or regret that one is choosing the right one seems a rare gift. Buckingham cites research indicating that women are less happy than 40 years ago, and get less happy with age. If you are like the women featured in Marcus Buckingham's book, Find Your Strongest Life might just offer a helpful way to re-assess your priorities and find your way out of feeling overwhelmed and confused. Then again, his method might not work for you. I think the most significant contribution of this book is getting women to think about the "strong" moments in their life and try to know themselves better, so that they can make their choices with no regrets or caveats.

There is an online test readers can take to see which one - or several - of nine possible categories fits the role they were born to play. While I found the test entertaining, I disagreed with my results. Anyone can take the test here and see if it comes up with a good fit for their personality.

Overall, I found the book moderately useful. There are sections I learned from, and others I found too simplistic. If you are interested in reading the book, I suggest you start by taking the online test and take it from there.

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