Children's Book Review: Jack's Dreams Come to Life by Sara Jackson

Monday, October 26, 2009 Posted by Dina N

Jack's Dreams Come to Life is author Sara Jackson's first children's picture book. In this story, the main character is a dog named Jack. He falls asleep and dreams being chased by a giant squirrel. Jack also dreams falling down a hole and landing in his toy box, on top of his favorite squeak toys. In his dream, his toys grow and chase him until he finally awakes and finds out that everything was just a dream.

Jack's Dreams Come to Life teaches young children that dreams are connected to our daily lives and often reflect familiar things in an unusual way. It is a good choice to read to your kids if they have had a nightmare. The story shows that others - even animals - can have bad dreams, too.

Personally, I would have preferred a more cheery dream for Jack. While I was reading this book to my preschooler, I was a little concerned because I saw Jack's dreams as scary. My daughter has a very active imagination and I thought she might start having similar dreams. Fortunately, she did not see Jack's experience as frightening but I suspect other kids could. The illustrations in the book are cheerful and not at all scary, and I think this is helpful to see Jack's story more as an adventure rather than a bad dream.

About the book:
Jack's Dreams Come to Life by Sara Jackson
ISBN: 978-1439242810
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
Date of publish: July 28, 2009
Pages: 26
S.R.P.: $12.99

* I received a review copy of the book, courtesy of the author and Bostick Communications. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, had been provided.


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