Children's Book Review: Messy Tessy by Leah Orr

Sunday, October 25, 2009 Posted by Dina N

Messy Tessy is a new children's book by Leah Orr. Tessy, a fun loving little girl, makes all kinds of messes at home while her babysitter is asleep. She plays with her toys, leaving them everywhere, paints on her easel and practices her handwriting on the walls. Tessy ends up with peas in her curls and makeup on her face. She gives all her dolls haircuts and beauty makeovers, and the sleeping babysitter gets red streaks in her hair. Before mommy gets home, Tessy and the sitter clean up the mess.

Messy Tessy is a fun story that ends well. Tessy is a charming character with plenty of spirit and imagination, similar to many kids we see in our lives. The book teaches children that while they might make a mess while playing, they should also help clean up. Messy Tessy is written in fun rhymes and delightfully illustrated by Leah Orr's mother, Josephine Lepore. My daughter enjoyed listening to Tessy's adventures, and we have read the book several times already.

Leah Orr has written two other children's books, Kyle's First Crush and Kyle's First Playdate. Proceeds from the Kyle series and a portion of Messy Tessy's are generously donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. For more information about Leah Orr and her books, visit

About the book:
Messy Tessy by Leah Orr
ISBN: 978-1438993980
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Date of publish: August 18, 2009
Pages: 36
S.R.P.: $17.99

* I received a review copy of the book, courtesy of the author and Bostick Communications. No other compensation, monetary or in kind, had been provided.


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