Tassimo Suprema Hot Beverage Machine: Review

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 Posted by Dina N

We love coffee at my house. I am the latte / cappuccino girl, and my husband is the black coffee / espresso guy. We also drink tea, chai, and hot chocolate - a favorite of the kids. We've owned several different coffee makers through the years that leave us craving drinks from the nearby coffee place. My husband recently noticed that the neighborhood coffee joint got a rather dismal hygiene rating, so we switched to a different one. I sometimes joke that had we invested the money we've spent drinking coffee outside our home in shares of this company, we'd own a decent chunk already.

Being a cappuccino fan, I own a milk frother. We also have an espresso machine, a grinder, an Italian stovetop percolator, and a programmable coffeemaker. We've used all of these, some for years, with varying success. Making the perfect cup of coffee had eluded me - until now. I have a new favorite coffee machine: the Tassimo Suprema!

When I opened the Tassimo Suprema Hot Beverage Machine, the first thing I noticed was the sleek design. I love the black and gray combo! This color combination is called Silk Silver. The same machine is also available in red and black - a festive looking Glamour Red! The Tassimo is compact and does not take much counter space in my kitchen.

Tassimo is developed and designed by Kraft Foods and manufactured by Bosch. It works with T discs that are little single-serve containers of coffee (tea, hot chocolate, and so on) with a bar code printed on one side. The machine has a microprocessor that reads this bar code and automatically calculates the water amount, temperature and brewing time to make the beverage.

I received five packages of T discs that allowed me to make over 50 drinks. We got a package each of Starbucks Caffe Verona, Gevalia Signature Blend, Milka Hot Chocolate, Chai Tea Latte, and Starbucks Cappuccino Primo. It's really simple to make a delicious hot drink with Tassimo: slip in the T disc, press a button, and in about 60 seconds, voila! When I brewed that first cup, the house filled with the wonderful aroma of freshly made coffee. The hot chocolate, tea latte, and cappuccino require two T discs - one with the cocoa, tea, or coffee and another one with the milk creamer. My favorites are the Chai Tea Latte and the cappuccino - both drinks are full of flavor and simply yummy. My husband loved the Caffe Verona - a bold multi-region blend from Starbucks. And the kids finished their hot chocolate in record time! Milka is one of our favorite brands of chocolate, and this drink tastes as good as a bar of milk chocolate.

With the Tassimo Suprema Hot Beverage Machine, you can make a different beverage for each member of your family - or circle of friends - and keep everyone happy. There is no taste transfer between drinks, and you get a freshly brewed cup every time. We've been using the Tassimo machine daily, and we love it!

Tassimo offers T discs from a growing selection of brands, including Starbucks, Gevalia Kaffe, Maxwell House, Seattle's Best Coffee, Twinings, Tazo, Mastro Lorenzo, Jacobs, and Milka. The Tassimo T45 Suprema Beverage System and the T discs are available at the Tassimo website, online and at some fine retailers.

Disclaimer: The Tassimo Suprema Hot Beverage Machine and the five packages of T discs were provided by Tassimo for free thanks to my association with SheBlogs.org. The opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal experience and are unaffected by the complimentary nature of the products reviewed. No other compensation was received or implied. Images and product information courtesy of Tassimo.


  1. Midday Escapades said...

    Wow, sounds like a great product. Thanks for the review.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. janetfaye said...

    This sounds wonderful. My son would love it! He is always trying different coffee makers.

    Wishing you and your family a Wonderful Happy Holiday!

  3. Ann On and On... said...

    I have been wondering about the Tassimo.... I am a decaf. drinker and my husband is a caffeinated drinker. It would be perfect for us. Thanks for the helpful review.

  4. dor said...

    I love coffee. This review is great. Imagine getting coffee faster. yum. I love all the different kinds of drinks you can have with this machine. Thanks for the review.

    dorcontest at gmail dot com

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