Link Your Giveaways Saturday: Valentine's Day Edition

Saturday, February 13, 2010 Posted by Dina N

Well, almost Valentine's Day edition! At my blog, romance is in the air with four romance novels giveaways! Each has 5 winners, so that makes 20 romantics at heart who will be winning a nice new read this month.

List your goodies in the linky below - and good luck!

Mabel's Labels (2/14)
Ecstasy Unveiled (2/16)
Tropical Traditions' Oxygen Bleach (2/17)
Prescription Eyeglasses (2/21)
Countess of Scandal (2/22)
Dare to Surrender (2/26)
The Moon Looked Down (2/27)


  1. Cakeblast said...

    Thank you for the linky :)

  2. Dimes2Vines said...

    Thanks for the linky! Everyone is welcome to link up at my Love2Link weekly linky (Mon) at:

  3. Midday Escapades said...

    Thank you! Everyone is welcome to link up at my ongoing Linky:

  4. Natalie A. said...

    Thanks for your Linky!

  5. Stefani @ said...

    Thanks for the linky! I have an ongoing giveaway linky that everyone can link up at:

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