How to Choose a Crib Mattress

Thursday, October 28, 2010 Posted by Dina N

When I was preparing the nursery for my first baby, a crib was on top of my list. Cute bedding, of course, and a place to keep the adorable baby clothes. The mattress for said crib was somewhat of an afterthought. As a mom-to-be who never paid much attention to crib mattresses, I was amazed at how many choices there were. At my local baby emporium, I was at a loss how to pick among the dozen models, arranged in order of price, coming from various manufacturers. I wanted something safe and comfy, of course, but not necessarily top of the line. Finally, I chose a crib mattress mid-range - figured, a newborn weighs just a few pounds, how solid should a crib mattress be anyway?

A few years and three mattresses later, I can tell you that a baby does need a quality crib mattress. Once the baby in question starts growing and standing up in said crib - not to mention the older siblings who inevitably find out that the crib is a fun and safe jumping place - the mattress' durability becomes quite important. Nowadays there are even more choices - from a naturepedic crib mattress to organic cotton mattress, memory foam mattress, along with the innerspring crib mattress. So many choices to make! Bottom line, I recommend reading up online about the advantages of various crib mattresses before you head to the store. It would save your sanity and your time - and not to mention having to buy three crib mattresses along the way.

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