The 12 Days of Chocolate!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 Posted by Dina N

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I have some sweet news to announce today. Together with Broken Teepee, Just Another New Blog will be hosting a special event: The 12 Days of Chocolate! Starting November 26, we will be featuring all sorts of things chocolate for 12 days in a row. There will be reviews and giveaways, and tons of chocolate fun for everyone.

Here is a sampling of some of the companies whose products we'll be presenting:

.... and more!

Make sure you grab our sweet button to post on your blog, and help spread the word! Tweet, blog, email your friends - the sky is the limit. Then leave a comment on this post BEFORE November 26, so that you can get extra entries into some delectable giveaways.

Feel free to copy and paste this tweet:

Celebrate all things chocolate with The 12 Days of Chocolate! Sweet #reviews and #giveaways start at @aitmama & @BrokenTeepee on November 26

and grab this code for the button:
Join us on November 26 for 12 days of sweet celebration!


  1. Angela (Library Girl Reads) said...

    I added the chocolate button to my sidebar.

    mmm... chocolate!

  2. christina said...

    i just so love chocolates!!/tinay0723/status/4699948167725057

  3. Susan M. Heim said...

    I love chocolate! I tweeted at and posted your event button at

  4. nicole / Twitter: BTHM1 said...


    have your button

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  6. gustosa giveaways said...

    grabbed your 12 days of chocolate button

  7. ~dab said...

    I posted your button (YUM!!)

    I posted on Facebook:

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  8. Judy said...

    12 Days of Chocolate button at

    Stumbled 12 Days as beachbird2

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    Tweeted 12 Days

    FB share 12 Days at

  9. Debbie said...


  10. Debbie said...

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  11. paulasue said...

    Everyone together now.....YUMMY!!! :D I tweeted / Paula C.

  12. paulasue said...

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  13. Nancye said...

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  14. Lexiquin said...

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  17. Debbie said...

    I'm spreading the word

  18. Debbie said...

    spreading the word

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    spreading the word:

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    Spreading the word tweet

  21. deb126 said...

    I adore chocolate and could eat it everyday, (I think I probably do) I make alot of chocolate sweets in my house because 1st; my husband is a chocolate freak too,& he eats chocolate e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y, I mean everyday... in one form or another, either candy, ice cream, cake or cookies, he usually prefers the milk chocolate but I am quite partial to dark chocolate as well either way I'll take them both, just give me the chocolate,

    I tweeted here about Celebrating the 12 days of Chocolate sweet!/deb126/status/10524813739171840

    Thanks for the very delicious giveaways current and to come :)

  22. Debbie said...

    Spreading the word about the 12 days

  23. Welcome to My World said...

    I spread the word on my facebook page
    (Claudia davis)

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