Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Funny Farm Bank Review

Tuesday, December 07, 2010 Posted by Dina N

The Funny Farm Bank helps little ones learn about money while having fun. It has six slots where kids can put coins, then a door opens to reveal an animal. The cow moos, the duck quacks, the pig oinks and so on.  If they place a coin in the silo, the Funny Farm Song plays where all the animals make noise together. There is also a game mode to play "find-the-animal".

My kids had a great time playing with The Funny Farm Bank. My daughter who's already been learning about money at school and at home had a blast teaching little sister about it. They wanted all the coins we could find around the house to put in the farm. The toy needs 2 AA batteries that are included. It's made of hard plastic. If after a while the noise gets a little too much for you, send the kiddos to another room with a jar full of coins and The Funny Farm Bank. 

The Funny Farm Bank is recommended for kids over the age of 5. I've seen it on Amazon as well as at other online retailers. It would make a fun holiday - or birthday - gift for the kindergarten crowd.

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  1. Busy Working Mama said...

    How fun! Lily's been asking about a piggy bank :)

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