Book Review: Georgia Bottoms by Mark Childress

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Posted by Dina N

Book Description
Georgia Bottoms is known in her small community of Six Points, Alabama, as a beautiful, well-to-do, and devoutly Baptist Southern belle.

Nobody realizes that the family fortune has long since disappeared, and a determinedly single woman like Georgia needs an alternative, and discreet, means of income. In Georgia's case it is six well-heeled lovers-one for each day of the week, with Mondays off-none of whom knows about the others.

But when the married preacher who has been coming to call (Saturdays) decides to confess their affair in front of the whole congregation, Georgia must take drastic measures to stop him. In Georgia Bottoms, Mark Childress proves once again his unmistakable skill for combining the hilarious and the absurd to reveal the inner workings of the rebellious human heart.

My Review
Georgia Bottoms is a proper Southern lady who comes from a good family and never misses church. Under that cover of perfection, there is an imperfect, feisty, resourceful woman who is forced by circumstances to find a way to make ends meet. Rather than getting a job as a shop girl or a waitress, she comes up with an ingenious solution - making a gentleman happy, six days a week.

Mark Childress, author of One Mississippi and Crazy in Alabama, does not disappoint in Georgia Bottoms. He draws a funny, engaging picture of small town life with all its little oddities, social customs set in stone and less than idyllic secrets. He has a great eye - and pen - for the absurd and ridiculous. Kudos to whoever selected this beautiful cover, as well. I greatly enjoyed the story and the characters. Georgia, with all her imperfections, is a likable heroine - in her own words, she is a sinner but not a hypocrite.

Georgia Bottoms will be available from Little, Brown on February 23.

Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the book with no obligation for a positive review. No compensation - monetary or in kind - has been obtained for this post. Cover art and book description courtesy of the publisher or PR firm.


  1. Pricilla said...

    Wowzers! Did you lock yourself in a room for a week and read?
    Glad you have enjoyed so many good books.

  2. corinne said...

    I saw your post on fb..darn it is not out yet!..You lucky girl..I put it on my list of to reads and can't wait..<ark Childress is a favorite of mine !..Reading Rescue right now by Anita Shreve..liking it!
    Happy New Year to you!

  3. fredamans said...

    Great review Dina! Sounds like a nice afternoon read!

  4. Anonymous said...

    Great review. I'd love to read this!

  5. G said...

    Concise review--but I don't think this is my kind of book. :)

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