Book Review and Blog Tour: A Light at Winter's End by Julia London

Thursday, February 24, 2011 Posted by Dina N

Book Description
Holly Fisher opens her door one day and finds her estranged sister Hannah standing there with a glassy look and her nine-month old baby on her hip. Before Holly knows what is happening, Hannah has left her baby with Holly and disappeared. Three months later, fresh out of rehab for addiction to painkillers, Hannah shows up sober, contrite, and wanting her son back. But Holly is in love with the baby and not willing to give him up to the mother who abandoned him.

Into the middle of this extraordinary conflict between two sisters walks a lonesome cowboy, Wyatt Clark (Summer of Two Wishes) who knows a thing or two about childcare and fractured families. He's had his own troubles and has stayed away from women the last couple of years, but he can't resist Holly and the baby. But when Holly is delivered a devastating blow and returns the baby to his mother, Holly is too distraught to continue her relationship with Wyatt. It will take an extraordinary turn from Hannah to bring Holly and Wyatt together so that they both may find the happiness that has eluded them.

My Review
A Light at Winter's End is a contemporary romance novel in which the author, somewhat refreshingly, does not insulate the main characters from the complications of real life. A sister's addiction drives her to abandon her baby. Holly is at first unwilling to take care her nephew, since she has no idea of the circumstances that have led her sister to such extremes. In time, Holly's connection with the baby becomes so deep that it seems impossible to give him back. The two sisters have a complicated relationship anyway, thanks to a large extent to their mother. Holly's emotional turmoil over the choices she has to make almost destroys her new relationship with Wyatt who's had his own share of past pain and disappointment.

Holly's character develops nicely throughout the book. She starts off as someone a bit immature and afraid of commitment. I will not spoil the ending for you but by the end of the story, Holly is a different person - and so are her sister and Wyatt.

Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the book with no obligation for a positive review. No compensation - monetary or in kind - has been obtained for this post. Cover art and book description courtesy of the publisher or PR firm.


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