Redecorating the Family Room

Friday, March 04, 2011 Posted by Dina N

A few weeks ago, we finally got around to replacing some furniture in the family room. I do most of my shopping online and furniture is no exception. I spent quite some time looking at LCD TV stands and sofas. We narrowed it down to top three choices, made one trip to the store to make sure it's what we wanted, and gave it a few days to make the final decision. Then it took me just a couple of minutes to order the new sofa, love seat and armchairs.

We had the pieces delivered within 10 days. I was a bit apprehensive about the actual delivery because the last time I had bulky items delivered, I got dented walls and baseboards. And the delivery people were supposedly doing this for a living! And I mean deliveries, not ruining walls. I was so upset with the damage. We used to buy all of our major appliances at that store but I am never going back there again.

My experience with the furniture delivery could not have been more different. The team was scheduled to arrive between 8 and 11 am on a Saturday. Great, I thought - there goes half the weekend! But no. The people were here 30 minutes early. They waited in their truck, not even ringing the doorbell until I returned their courtesy call to say it was OK to come in. They were fast, extremely careful with my doorways and walls, and protected the floors as well. It had been raining the night before but they did not leave as much as a raindrop anywhere. They unpacked, put everything together, and were out the door within minutes. That's what I call professionals. I would definitely use that company again.

Now the family room looks great. All we need to complete the redecorating is a new coffee table and  another home for the TV. My favorite TV stand is very much like the Walker Edison one you see in the picture. I just have to find the perfect coffee table!

Disclaimer / Disclosure: No monetary compensation was received for this post. I will receive a voucher from CSN Stores to use toward an item of my choice for review.


  1. Pricilla said...

    Woo hoo for professional service!

  2. Aleksandra Nearing said...

    I need to do some slight redocorating! I bet the new stand looks great. I love it when you get good service!

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