Rubbermaid Slide Out 2-Tier Can Rack: Review

Friday, April 15, 2011 Posted by Dina N

Keeping our well-stocked pantry organized is a tad challenging at times. I've occasionally had some canned goods expire unused because they were stuck all the way in the back - and I hate wasting food.

Rubbermaid came to the rescue with the Rubbermaid Slide Out 2-Tier Can Rack. This is a plastic rack that can be attached to the wire shelving of my pantry. It also works with wood shelving. I can stack cans on top of it as well as on a pull-out shelf. The rack is made of sturdy black plastic and installation was a snap. Depending on how large the cans are, the rack can hold up to the equivalent of 15 pounds.

I buy most of my canned goods at a wholesale club, and the best way to keep them organized is to leave them in the carton box they came in. When I am down to one or two per pack, I take them out and stack them on a shelf - and sometimes forget about them. This is when my Rubbermaid Slide Out 2-Tier Can Rack comes in. It's also perfect for canned good that I do not buy in bulk - such as coconut milk and canned soups. The rack can work great for small jars and spices, too.

The Rubbermaid Slide Out 2-Tier Can Rack is available in their online store for $14.99. Next in line for organizing my pantry is the large drawer (for my aluminum foil, wax paper and plastic wrap) and the Adjustable Over the Door Organizer (for maximizing my space). Whatever your home organizing needs, Rubbermaid may have a smart product to help. And if you need a hand with spring cleaning, check out the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop! I love mine. And the kids are still arguing over whose turn it is to mop the floors.

Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a complimentary sample with no obligation for a positive review. No compensation - monetary or in kind - has been obtained for this post. Photo courtesy of the company or PR firm.


  1. Pricilla said...

    ooh, jealous!

  2. mrsshukra said...

    Great idea, I'll this out!

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