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Saturday, June 04, 2011 Posted by Dina N

I do not have to eat gluten-free food but there is one company that makes me want to: Katz Gluten Free. From cookies to bread and from rugelach to hamantaschen, everything I've tried has been very tasty.

The hamantaschen from Katz Gluten Free is better than some homemade ones I've tried. I can't decide if I like the raspberry or the apricot better. Both have just the right amount of sweetness in that triangle of perfectly baked dough with a fruity center. They come in 6 oz containers and did not last longer than a couple of days at my house. Mmmm!

I've mentioned before how much I love their rugelach. After I tried the chocolate one, I was addicted. Then they sent me the vanilla. And now the cinnamon... so deliciously full of flavor. My favorite way to enjoy the cinnamon rugelech and its cousin, the cinnamon strip, is to cut them up in small bites and mix with plain non-fat yogurt. The yogurt really makes the taste stand out. Or, you can just have a slice - or two, or three - of the cinnamon strip. If you are like me and can't wait for it to thaw, frozen is equally yummy.

Katz Gluten Free also makes muffins. And not just any muffins but delicious honey muffins that go perfectly with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee. They are the perfect size - at about 2 oz each, these muffins are not too large and not too small, just right. These are, hands down, my favorite muffins from Katz, better than the chocolate ones - and coming from a committed chocoholic, that's saying a lot.

If cookies are your favorite treat, you must try the ones from Katz Gluten Free. Their chocolate dipped cookies are perfection. I don't like sprinkles but the colored sprinkle cookies made me forget about that. These cookies taste homemade and of course my kids love sprinkles.

Now all these goodies are gluten-free, of course but they are not low-calorie, so enjoy in moderation.

Katz Gluten Free also sent me some excellent challah rolls and bread. The challah rolls are made of light and fluffy dough and the crust becomes crispy when warmed up. I love toasting them and then topping the flavorful roll with fresh veggies, ham and cheese for a quick, easy lunch. The challah rolls go perfectly with a little butter and jam, too. The bread comes pre-sliced and must be kept in the freezer. I love it toasted. The Katz Gluten Free Wholesome Bread is nutritious and flavorful, and a good source of fiber and protein. It is made with fava beans, garbanzo beans, teff, chia seed, flax seed, and honey. If you prefer white bread or whole grain bread, they have those, too.

Everything I've tried from Katz Gluten Free has been excellent, shipped quickly and priced right. My family enjoyed all gluten free products we sampled. Whether you have to follow a gluten-free diet or not, you should give them a try. The best way to do that is to get the Katz Gluten Free sampler - it's free, all you pay is shipping. The Katz Gluten Free Sampler includes 1 slice each of Whole Grain Bread, Sliced Challah Bread, White Bread and Wholesome Bread. Also included are a dinner roll, a sample cookie and rugelech, and a slice of Marble Cake. But be warned - you may get hooked!

Disclosure / Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was obtained for this post. I received complimentary products to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed here are mine and may differ from yours. 


  1. Pricilla said...

    I love Katz Glueten Free too!

  2. Aleksandra Nearing said...

    I haven't tried this brand. I'll tell my sister about it since she tries to be gluten free.

  3. Patricia said...

    The sampler sounds like a terrific idea.

  4. Robin O said...

    One of my good friends eats gluten free, so I am always looking for options to serve at parties when she is there. The Katz Gluten Free Sampler sounds like a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

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