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Friday, September 09, 2011 Posted by Dina N

Book Description
This touching story helps children understand that bad habits can follow them into adulthood. Clever and insightful the pop art illustrations reveal Shouty's journey as he tries to develop good habits and become the person he wants to be. Can Shouty pull through and make better choices? Find out in this encouraging tale.

My Review
Life of Shouty: Good Habits by NeonSeon is intended to promote good habits in children. The book features simple pop-art illustrations and rhymes that describe the bad habits of Shouty Mack. At the end of the story, Shouty decides to change his ways and take control over his life.

I agree that good habits must start early in life and support the good intentions of the book. Although Life of Shouty: Good Habits is marketed as a book for children 8 and up, its content is more appropriate for young adults. There's too much negativity and some of the rhymes sound contrived. Shouty is a grown up who spends his days watching TV and procrastinating. His bills are late, his lawn looks bad, and his room is a mess. Most kids would find the book confusing. The majority of illustrations and metaphors will likely go over their head while adults may get a chuckle out of "Live for the Moment Funeral Home" and "Inaction Inn".

Life of Shouty: Good Habits is the first book in the Shouty series. The second, Life of Shouty: Food & Fitness, will be published in October.

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of the book to facilitate this review. No compensation was provided. Book description and cover art courtesy of the publisher or PR firm.


  1. Robin O said...

    I think entertaining books that also teach good habits are a wonderful idea! I will keep an eye out for this series.

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