#Book Review: Where You Left Me by Jennifer Gardner Trulson

Monday, October 24, 2011 Posted by Dina N

Book Description
Where You Left Me is Jennifer’s extraordinary account of losing her husband in the World Trade Center attacks, her healing process, and her unexpected journey in finding love once again.

Jennifer always considered herself lucky. She had the life that clichés were made of. She lived with her husband Doug and two beautiful children in New York City and after seven years of marriage was still madly in love with him. When Doug, a top executive at Cantor Fitzgerald, died in the North Tower on September 11th, 2001, Jennifer became a widow at age thirty-five - a “9/11 widow”, no less.  As she feels her husband’s presence leave her, she realizes this is the end of her life as a wife, partner, and romantic other half. Though completely devastated, Jennifer still considered herself blessed -Doug had loved her enough for a lifetime and she was fully resigned to being a widowed single mother for the rest of her life.

Yet ten months later, to her utter surprise and admitted confusion, she meets Derek, a strikingly handsome transplant from Seattle, when he accidentally steps on her foot at a restaurant. This chance encounter led to a precarious courtship between a perennially single bachelor and a closed-for-business widow with undeniable affection for one another but without a clue how to handle the unexpected turn their lives had taken.

Where You Left Me is an unlikely love story - really, two love stories in one - as Jennifer pays tribute to New York, the city that gave her everything, and reminds us that second chances really are possible.

My Thoughts
Where You Left Me is the moving memoir of a woman whose husband was killed in the 9/11 attacks. Her story is poignant and honest. She writes about her love and heartbreak, about surviving an intensely personal tragedy in the public eye. Unexpectedly, she finds a second great love less than a year after 9/11.

As a parent, I can only imagine the pain of having to explain to two young children the loss of their father. Ms. Gardner Trulson's memoir shows her admirable strength as a a mother, a wife and a friend. Where You Left Me is a touching testament to the resilience of her spirit.

Where You Left Me by Jennifer Gardner Trulson came out a few weeks ago, published by Gallery Books, a division of Simon and Schuster.

Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy with no obligation for a positive review. No compensation has been obtained for this post. Photo and book info courtesy of the publisher or PR firm.


  1. Pricilla said...

    Resilience is a wonderful thing

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