Happy #Kindle Friday!

Friday, January 06, 2012 Posted by Dina N

Amazon has done it again: more than 400 NEW free Kindle books are available today. That brings the total of non-public domain freebies to almost 4,000! You can see the breakdown by genre on the left sidebar. I always start browsing in the Cooking, Food and Wine category. I love the free cookbooks! Then I go over to the Romance, Fiction, and Children's Books sections, in no particular order. Hooray for free books!

As always, please remember that most of these Kindle books are free for a limited time. Pay close attention before you click buy: the price may no longer be zero. I noticed a cookbook that's not free anymore although it is listed in the freebies section. Still, $2.69 for a Gooseberry Patch Chili Cookbook is a pretty sweet deal.

If you have a Prime membership, there are many books you can borrow from the Kindle library for free! That's another way to read a freebie on your Kindle.

Head over to Amazon and grab some free Kindle books! Happy reading!

Disclosure: Many thanks to Michael Gallagher for the heads-up. Image credit Amazon.com.


  1. kristi said...

    Thanks for the info! Believe it or not I have a Kindle but still haven't gotten used to it! Here I am writing about free ebooks too - lol! I didn't know that additional advantage to getting free ebooks for being a Prime member either. Good to know. Grant downloads a lot of free ebooks for the kids too. Its really a great resource. We love free!

  2. A Musing Mother said...

    That is so awesome! Thank you for posting your vast wisdom. You are my new hero. And I am going to go read now.

  3. Aleksandra Nearing said...

    Thanks, Dina! I shared this with my family and friends :)

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