On Baby Proofing

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Posted by Dina N

I was a mom who childproofed the entire house before my firstborn could walk. I put away most breakables from the family room when she started pulling herself up. Long after the toddler stage, our electric outlets still have plastic covers.

Once my daughter became a proficient crawler, she got interested in stairs. At first, she reminded me of my mom’s puppy when he was a baby. He would put his front paws on the first step and start looking at me expectantly. Pick me up and carry me, why don’t you? My daughter did the same thing – until she figured out how to get upstairs on her own. I started wishing for a home with no stairs. Since that was not happening, I installed a baby gate before she could start competing for the gold in the baby stair crawling Olympics. She would have won, hands down.

When she started walking, my little girl was very careful going down. She learned to wait at the top of the stairs for me to hold her hand. When she mastered the stairs, we moved the safety gate to the hallway outside her room. She was out of the crib and into a big girl bed, and got out of her room about a million times every night. By the age of 3, she had a PhD in stalling. A sip of water, going potty, one more hug and kiss – you name it, she got it.

Now our safety gate is stashed away in the closet. If you have a toddler – and stairs or a working fireplace - I highly recommend installing baby gates even before you think you need them. Don’t know where to start? Check out the KidCo Safety Gates at the Kidco Gate Shop. Recently, they upgraded their entire line of safety gates. In addition to baby gates, KidCo makes pet gates. You can use them for doorways, stairways, and fireplaces. The company offers hardware mount gates, pressure mount gates, extra wide gates, and gate mounting kits for easy installation. If you are unsure which safety gate to get, consult their Safety Gate Guide and Tips.

And let the baby Olympics begin...

Disclosure / Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by our friendly advertisers. Information and photos courtesy of KidCoGateShop. The opinions and experiences are all mine.


  1. Mary T said...

    Just as you did, I child-proofed my house from top to bottom when our kids were born. I always felt they were safe and that no mishaps would occur. Now that we have grandkids, I worry that my own children do not take childproofing seriously, but trying to be a good mother/mother-in-law, I bite my tongue and keep my worries to myself.

  2. holdenj said...

    Although I prefer pressure mounted to the ones with hardware, gates have certainly come a long way over the years! I liked the idea they offer such great sizes for something like the stove in that picture!

  3. Debbie Ellis said...

    I am in the process of child proofing my house again, thought it was until my littlest one is around so much. Wow. love the new gates.

  4. flairshare/lollimom said...

    This could work to 'help' keep some pets out/quarantined/separate too.

  5. Char W said...

    It's always hard to know the "right" time to babyproof the house. Unfortunately a lot of babyproofing is done after something happens (such as baby starts crawling) instead of before. There are many things that new parents don't think about to baby proof too (such as dressers and things that can tip over once baby is pulling up).

  6. Maryann D. said...

    Child proofing was always a lot of work. They do have better products now then when my kids were babies. You can never be too careful. These gates look wonderful and I wish they had them available when I needed them.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

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