Breakfast with Udi's Gluten Free Foods

Saturday, March 31, 2012 Posted by Dina N

My family often has bagels, toast, or cereal for breakfast. Apart from making sure it's whole wheat, low in sugar, and provides a good amount of fiber, I rarely give these foods a second thought. For those with gluten intolerance, it's not that straightforward.

Thanks to Udi's Gluten Free Foods, the #1 brand of gluten-free baked goods, breakfast can be delicious, healthy, and gluten-free. I had the opportunity to sample some of Udi's breakfast products, and I can't even tell the difference between them and their gluten counterparts. Except for one thing: Udi's taste better than many other brands I've tried.

The Udi's Millet-Chia bread is full of flavor, and very tasty. It's perfect for toast or a sandwich. The slices are a tad smaller than those of the bread we usually buy but denser and more satisfying. Two slices of this wonderful bread have just 160 calories but give you 6 grams of fiber, a whopping 24% of the recommended daily allowance. There's also 5 grams of protein - but above all, it's the deliciousness that won me over. Udi's have four other varieties of bread, including whole grain and omega flax and fiber that I plan to try next.

One Saturday, my family had breakfast pizza made with Udi's Pizza Crusts. These crusts give you pizza that's similar to one baked on pita bread, except Udi's are larger and thinner. Our pizza tasted great, had a nice crunch, and disappeared in record time. The pizza crusts come two per package, and make for a quick and easy meal.

The Udi's Cinnamon Raisin Bagels are perfect for breakfast - lightly toasted, with a smear of cream cheese or just a touch of butter. Cinnamon and raisins for a touch of sweetness - and a lot of flavor. They make a great school snack, too. They are pre-sliced and can be stored in the freezer for freshness. Just take out as many as you need, and pop them in the toaster. Breakfast is served!

The Udi's Gluten Free Cranberry Granola is a family favorite. We've had it on yogurt, in a blueberry-yogurt-granola parfait, and even plain as a snack. My kids can't get enough of Udi's granola. It's made with certified gluten-free oats, and it's free of not just gluten but dairy, soy, and eggs. As far as granola goes, Udi's Cranberry Granola is perfection, gluten-free. Try the original, vanilla, and au naturel varieties, too.

Last but not least, we really enjoyed the Udi's Snickerdoodle Cookies. These soft and chewy treats are full of flavor, thanks to the vanilla and cinnamon spices. The snickerdoodles are made with brown rice flour, eggs, and butter. Yum! My kids like theirs with a glass of milk. I love the taste and the soft texture - with or without a cup of coffee. A truly excellent cookie that's gluten-free? You must try them. Just buy in bulk because one box of 10 cookies does not last very long.

I found Udi's at several of my neighborhood grocery stores. Now five of Udi's best-selling products are available in 150 Walmart stores across the country. Look for their soft white bread, soft whole grain bread, plain bagels, chocolate chip cookies, and pizza crust in the bakery department. To see if there is a Walmart near you that carries Udi’s, enter your zip code into our store locator:

Disclosure / Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was obtained for this post. I received complimentary product samples to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this post are mine and may differ from yours.


  1. holdenj said...

    Sounds like a delicious product! Glad to see it's easy to find, too.

  2. Lilian said...

    I haven't seen this brand before, but I will definitely keep an eye out for it the next time I drop by Walmart.
    (I love cranberries in my granola!)

  3. fredamans said...

    I added you to my private blogroll on Linky. Just wanted you to know.

  4. Char W said...

    I'm not gluten free but I have friends that are and I am glad that there are lots of options now for those who either choose to be gluten free or have to be gluten free. I am impressed with all the offerings that Udi's has!

  5. amyorvin said...

    This looks delicious. I have a friend that only eats gluten free. So, I will tell her about this.

  6. Robin O said...

    We have tried the Udi's pizza cruses, but I think the bagels sound good too--especially if they have cinnamon raisin ones! I'm sure the kids would love some snickerdoodles too!

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