Ditching the Cable

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 Posted by Dina N

My cable provider is switching to all digital programming. We lost all channels with the conversion. My kids were not happy to discover their favorite shows were nowhere to be found. I had to act fast and called to order digital devices to get the channels back. It was a tad annoying, to say the least. So now I am seriously considering switching to direct tv. As it is, we pay way too much for what we watch - or rather, do not watch - and maybe direct is the way to go. Today, over 19 million Americans have DIRECTV. I must admit I am tempted to take the plunge.

dx3 direct tv offers access to over 285 channels and over 170 HD channels. All these choices must be great to have. dx3 has five packages to choose from - something for everyone. My husband and I love movies, and of course we need some good children's programming for the kids. We watch lots of DVDs but it would be nice to get the latest movie releases first, since it turns out many come to direct TV before DISH Network, cable and Netflix.

How do you get your TV channels? Cable, dish, direct, or bunny ears?

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  1. Pricilla said...

    Now that's a bummer

  2. Mary T said...

    Living in a remote area, DISH or direct tv are the only options for us. We live too far out for "over the air" and cable.

    We have been happy DISH customers for around 10 years now. They offer more channels than we could possibly watch, and we can always find something interesting.

    The only drawback between Dish and Direct that I am aware of is if you have a big NFL football fan in the house. I have heard (although I do not know first hand) that Direct has the better NFL package.

    And the only channel we might want that DISH does not offer is FoxSportsOK.

  3. holdenj said...

    The same thing happened here. We went ahead and attached the for now free converter from the cable co. until we decide what to switch to!

  4. Kristie said...

    I have local cable. There is one particular channel that I wish we had. CBS Sports Network. My father-in-law has Dish and he gets it. I would just be concerned about reception during storms and during the winter (snow). TV is expensive. Lots of people that I know are just doing Netflix and Hulu Plus with a Roku. Hmmm... kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  5. Char W said...

    We used to have DirecTv and it was nice. They kept increasing the prices and a couple of years ago we cancelled it and have been using an antenna. We get the major stations: cbs, abc, nbc, fox, pbs... over 10 channels.

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