Mailboxes, Mailboxes

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 Posted by Dina N

Every time I visit a new neighborhood, I look at the mailboxes. And at the houses, of course. But I have this theory that a mailbox can tell a little something about the style of the owners of the house. Some people prefer classic mailboxes. Others like them as unusual as possible. Of course, in many neighborhoods the home owners association decides on simple black metal ones. Those with a little red flag that can go up to let the mailman know you've left letters for him to collect. Not much opportunity to be creative there.

In other neighborhoods, people are free to make more ornate choices. I've seen mailboxes build like a small house, brick and mortar, maybe even with a tiny roof on top. Gaines Mailboxes Direct offers various options for those who prefer a mailbox that differs from the one of the Joneses next door. They have mailboxes that are wall mount, post mount, or column mount.

Personally, I like their Keystone mailboxes, My favorite are the Signature Keystone Deluxe Double Mount Cluster Mailbox Packages. Those combine two or more mailboxes in one place. They come in several pretty finishes, and are roomy enough to hold multiple days of mail. You can even get extras - lockable insert, custom lettering, address plaques, even newspaper holders. If you don't mind sharing your mailbox style with the Joneses, you can even save those overworked mail workers some stops on their route. In style, of course.

Disclosure / Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by our advertisers. Photo courtesy GainesMailboxesDirect. The opinions and experiences are all mine.


  1. royalegacy said...

    Gaines has some really nice mailboxes. Very classy! Someone had one posted today for her Wordless Wednesday post that was quite funny--a Darth Vader mailbox.

  2. kristi said...

    We could use a big steel mailbox like the ones at the post office. We've had ours vandalized and just recently the replacement was plowed over by someone who skidded off the road!

  3. holdenj said...

    We need a new mailbox! These are worth checking out.

  4. Char W said...

    The mailboxes they have are really neat! Luckily we have home delivery and have not had a problem with getting mail for the most part (or with mail being stolen, etc.) but some of those mailboxes are super cool looking!

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