Easy Quesadillas #Recipe with Udi's #GlutenFree Tortillas

Friday, March 29, 2013 Posted by Dina N

In my house, wraps, quesadillas, tacos and fajitas are everyone's favorites. The kids fill theirs with chicken, veggies, and an extra helping of cheese. I love turkey, beans, tofu, and tons of veggies in mine. My hubby is a huge fan of steak - fajitas, burritos, tacos, you name it, he'll eat it.

Udi's offers small and large tortillas that taste delicious and fit perfectly in a gluten-free diet. One large tortilla is about two and a half ounces and has 170 calories, 4 grams of fat, and 20% of your recommended daily dose of fiber. A small tortilla has 90 calories, 2 grams of fat, and 3 grams of fiber. You can find the complete nutritional information at Udi's Gluten Free website.

We used the large tortilla to make cheese quesadillas. Now quesadillas are very easy to prepare - heat up the tortilla, layer the toppings, fold and enjoy! My family ate theirs so fast, I could barely catch up with seconds. I used an entire package of large tortillas, and if I had another one, I am sure we'd have gone through it, too. See that appetizing picture? Unfortunately, a small piece of each tortilla had broken off in transit but of course that did not affect their tastiness.

The large tortillas would make great wraps and burritos, as well. The small ones are perfect for tacos. I have a couple of recipes for fish tacos that I can't wait to try.

Here is the easy quesadilla recipe - courtesy of Udi's Gluten Free.

Single Serve Quesadilla
1 Udi’s Gluten Free Flour Tortilla, Large
1 tsp, vegetable oil
½ cup shredded cheese, preferably cheddar or Mexican blend.

Optional Extras:
½ cup diced chicken
¼ cup diced tomatoes
¼ cup chopped onions
1 T sliced olives
1 T diced mushrooms

1. Brush skillet with 1 tsp vegetable oil and heat to Medium-High.
2. Place Udi’s large tortilla in pan. Layer with a thin layer of cheese, leaving about 1/2 inch around edges.
3. Personalize quesadilla with thin layer of optional ingredients, if desired.
4. Fold quesadilla in half and let it cook in the pan 1-2 minutes until slightly brown underneath before turning to brown the topside.
5. Slide onto plate and enjoy!

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  1. holdenj said...

    Sure looks easy. Tacos/quesadillas etc are popular around here because everyone can use the ingredients they like!

  2. Janet W. said...

    We love making our own quesadillas! Never tried this brand before, but I'll look for it next time I go grocery shopping!

  3. Kristi said...

    Your cheese quesadilla looks yummy! I would love to try Udis. That's great that they have 3 grams of fiber per tortilla - I was under the impression that gluten free meant less fiber.

  4. cheryl c said...

    I have never tried gluten-free tortillas because I wasn't sure about the taste. From your review, I guess they must taste ok!

  5. Amy Orvin said...

    I love making quesadillas at home, but never tried this brand. If I see it, I will have to grab it.


  6. Robin O said...

    I'll keep an eye out for the Udi's tortillas. Quesadillas are great, because they are so easy to customize...not that we have picky eaters in our house or anything...
    Thanks for sharing the ideas!

  7. Karyn Hughes said...

    thanks for the recipe! my poor son is gf and I need all the advice I can get!

  8. sheila ressel said...

    I make quesadillas a lot and can't wait to try Udi's brand.

  9. sheila ressel said...

    I make quesadillas a lot and can't wait to try the Udi's brand.

  10. dlhaley said...

    I love the recipe. I might make it this weekend.

  11. Carol L. said...

    hanks for the review. I've never had Gluten Free before with the Tortillas.
    I'll be trying this brand and making the recipe. Thanks for sharing.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  12. Rose-Marie said...

    this is easy and yummy! I also like to make my own tortilla shells, from masa harina, I don't think that has gluten. They are easy to make and you can make tons of them sooo inexpensive, but it can be a pain, so it is nice to have a quick option like these!

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