Five Fun Fitness Tips for Families

Monday, May 13, 2013 Posted by Dina N

In celebration of National Fitness Month (and their 30th anniversary), My Gym provided five fun family fitness tips to share with my readers. The advice comes from Monique Vranesh, co-owner of the My Gym location in Encino, CA. Enjoy!

1. Commercial Break
If you’re going to watch TV, make a game out of commercial breaks. Have the kids walk around the room and touch three things that are green. Whoever finds three items first gets to choose the next color.

2. Good Old-Fashioned Follow the Leader
Play outside! What a novel idea. Have the kids put down their cell phones, tablets and video games and start a game of hide and seek or duck, duck, goose! They are oldies, but they’re still goodies!

3. Tiny Bubbles
Summer fun in the backyard with a bubble-blower. Blow some bubbles and have some giggles watching the kids try and pop them all.

4. 80s Flashback
The 80s are remembered for legwarmers and the oh-so stylish mullet hair. But let’s not forget the tunes! Turn up the 80s radio station and dance, dance, dance (like a ‘maniac’) with your kids.

5. Your Furriest Child
The dog shouldn’t be left out of the exercise fun. After all, dogs LIKE to go on walks. Make it a family routine to walk the pup after dinner.

For more fun tips from My Gym, visit their Facebook page to see what other families are doing to stay fit and enter their Fit and Healthy Family Contest!

* Content courtesy of My Gym. This post is not compensated.


  1. holdenj said...

    My daughter likes to do pushups during commercials. These are great tips, we can always use another excuse to walk the dog!

  2. Robin O said...

    Great tips! I like the 80s Flashback one--that would make for some good photos!

  3. Sandy VanHoey said...

    Like these tips and when you mentioned bubbles, have you tried the gazillion bubbles? They are great and my grandson plays forever. I was shocked at how large they get...awesome! The Good Old-Fashioned games brings back memories and kids just don't play like I did as a child. Too many indoor activities so they miss out I think.

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