Mystery Spotlight: Death Overdue by Mary Lou Kirwin

Thursday, November 07, 2013 Posted by Dina N

Book Description

Ropes, revolvers, daggers, arsenic…They are the classic, go-to murder weapons, from Christie to Clue. But death by bookcase? In DEATH OVERDUE, with one good shove, a crafty killer can keep investigators guessing: did it fall or was it pushed? That’s what sassy Midwestern librarian Karen Nash must determine—and if so, who did the pushing—when an avalanche of books and splintered wood fatally flattens Sally Burroughs, the ex-girlfriend of Karen’s squeeze, London B&B proprietor Caldwell Perkins, who appears the most likely suspect for murder. In the library. With the bookcase.

And maybe he has grounds? Just as he and his librarian love are making a go of opening their dream bookstore (that’s bookshop, in British English), Sally pops up years after abandoning him, to demand her share of the B&B’s sale. To Karen’s orderly mind, sorting her jumbled feelings about uprooting her life in Minnesota and taking a chance on Caldwell is much like sorting his four-thousand-three-hundred-and-twenty-four precious volumes: everything has its place. A little research reveals that more than one person may have had Sally issues, and Karen must prove that Caldwell is obsessed with books, not revenge. But will her hunt for a killer turn up too little, too late?

Mary Lou Kirwin captivates readers with the second installment in the Karen Nash mystery series. As in Killer Librarian, the “winning heroine” [Publishers Weekly] Karen Nash offers a high return in entertainment from start to finish in DEATH OVERDUE.

Death Overdue (Librarian Mysteries) is new this week from Gallery Books.

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  1. holdenj said...

    This looks pretty good! Thanks for the intro to a mystery with a home state setting.

  2. cheryl c said...

    This sounds like an entertaining story. The book cover is cute, too! I suppose this is what is called a "cozy mystery."

  3. Sandy Xiong said...

    I'm not a big mystery fan but it sounds interesting! The cover makes it even more interesting too

  4. tannawings said...

    I love mysteries it is what I normally read. This one sounds like it would hold my interest and sounds good. I will have to check it out on amazon!

    ellen beck on rafflecopter

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