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Sunday, December 29, 2013 Posted by Dina N

In my top desk drawer, I keep a small stash of gift cards - my emergency gift supply. Mostly, there are gift cards to coffee shops, local restaurants and bookstores. Usually, I get them with credit card rewards points or buy them at a discount from my wholesale club. If I need a gift for a friend or a teacher and I don't have time to shop for one, I pick a card from my stash.

There's another way to buy gift cards at a discount - or sell ones that you won't use: They offer a variety of gift cards up to 35% off. The site loads quickly and is easy to navigate. You can browse gift cards by category - say books, music and games, clothing and shoes, electronics and appliances, health and beauty. Or, search for a specific merchant by name. I found CVS gift cards at 5% off, Starbucks at 10% off, Michaels' at 26% off, and Home Depot cards at 9.7% discount.

The minimum order value is $20. As payment, they accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express Credit and Debit Cards. If you are selling a gift card, its value must be between $20 and $5000. I went through my stash and checked how much I'd get for a couple of gifts cards I have there. Depending on the card, I'd get 75%-89% of the face value. They send a check two business days after your cards are received and verified.

Some of the gift cards I was interested in (Costco, Subway, Visa, American Express, Walgreens) were out of stock. In that case, I can add them to my wish list and will receive an email once they have it.

There are several shipping options - from the free super saver shipping that takes 5-8 business days to next business day shipping ($27). Rush processing can be added for faster service.

If you received a gift card for Christmas or one has been gathering dust somewhere since your birthday two years ago, consider It can put some extra cash in your pocket and save you money at stores you shop anyway. Now that's a win-win.

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  1. Ari T said...

    I do have a few gift cards that I can't seem to find use for, even though I think I will someday! Maybe this is the right solution so I don't have to keep carrying them around and someone else can use them for what the need. I like that the service verifies the cards for authenticity because I know that there's a lot of talk of risky gift card exchanges online that can lead to a huge loss for the gifter and the person who receives it and finds the card is defunct.

  2. Yona Williams said...

    I will have to look into this - I have gift cards collecting dust...mys well put them to good use. Checking this out right after leaving this comment :)

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